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The Legend of the Chicken Monkey

You've heard of ghosts. You've heard of creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. But, have you heard of the Chicken Monkey?
The Chicken Monkey, my friend, is the most horrible thing you will ever see. It's even hard to explain the thing. Basically, it is half chicken, half monkey. That sounds weird enough. But hear this, its eyes glow, and you see your life flash before your eyes.
This is what happened to me once. But, unlike some others, I survived. Here is my story.
I like to explore new things. That is the kind of man I am. People from around the world ask me to help with their supernatural problems. Sometimes I find amazing things, sometimes it is nothing…… nothing at all.
My name's James White. I'm rather tall and have shaggy brown hair. I have bright blue eyes. Ever since I was young, I was interested in things people cannot understand. When some people run from something they don't know what it is, I stay and check it out. I don't get scared.
I was watching TV when the phone rang. When I answered, it was my friend Alex.
"Oh please James! This is terrible! You need to come here!" Alex screamed into the phone.
"Settle down Alex. Explain to me what happened." I said. I knew Alex was a jumpy person, but he was never like this.
Alex paused.
"It's my girlfriend, Gabby. She went missing. The back door was in shreds. But I know what took her…."
"What, Alex?"
"This thing I saw in the woods next to my house. It seemed to be half chicken, half monkey!" said Alex, his voice shaking.
I could not help it. I burst out laughing.
"And now there is a Chicken Monkey running around? What next?"
"It's not funny." Alex said suddenly sounding like he met business.
I burst out laughing again.
"Just come over!" Alex screamed angrily.
I stopped. "Sorry." I muttered.
I drove my car all the way there, fast. Alex was freaking out. I stopped by a large house. Alex was standing outside, waiting.
"Look at this." Alex showed me a feather.
"Looks like a bird took your girlfriend." I laughed at myself. Alex gave me a dirty look.
"Stop it! It could have been a kidnapper!"
I shrugged as I looked over at Alex. He was a short lad with spiky blond hair and so skinny he could fit through jail bars.
"Now, were did you see this thing?" I asked.
"In the woods, like I told you."
"I know that. But were in the woods?"
"It could be around the center. I don't know."
I rubbed my hand in my hair. I would just have to look around.
We started through the woods. Alex was looking around nervously. He even started to curse under his breath.
"Alex, keep your language under control! I will not stand for this type of behavior!"
We were heading near the center of the woods when Alex gasped.
"That's Gabby's necklace! And there's a feather next to it too! What did I tell you?"
I picked up the necklace and the feather in my hand. "It could just be a man in a costume. You know, like that one time…."
"Oh I don't think so!" Alex scratched his head and sighed. I just stared at him. He shook his head at me and started to walk off. I then followed.
We walked for what felt like hours when we heard a scream.
It sounded close. I looked around but saw nothing. Suddenly, Alex's eyes got huge.
He ran forward. I followed close behind, walking, I do not run.
Alex ran while I walked when we saw Gabby. She was lying against a dead tree and sobbing.
"You seem to be okay." Alex said quietly.
But Gabby shook her head.
"You need to run! Now!" she screamed.
We stared at her. Suddenly, we heard a screech. It sounded like a call half monkey half chicken.
"What are you two idiots doing? Run!" Gabby gasped.
"I'm not leaving you." Alex picked up Gabby and stood up.
That was when we were looking into the eyes of the Chicken Monkey.
That is when my life flashed before my eyes. I thought I was going to die.
Alex started to run with Gabby in his arms. Fright had gotten to him. He forgot about me and ran. I guess it was all up to me now.
I then noticed the Chicken Monkey was following them. I had to stop it.
I picked up a rock and threw it and the Chicken Monkey. It got hit on the head.
It swung around. The eyes were full of anger. I have never seen such eyes before.
It started coming toward me.
"Come and get me!" I screamed.
I started running farther into the woods. But I knew it was catching up.
I had to do something, and fast.
I bonked my head on a tree. It had come out of nowhere. That is when I had an idea.
I started climbing the tree. I heard the grunts of the Chicken Monkey. It was right under me, trying to find me.
"Up here!"
The Chicken Monkey looked up.
It still could not see me. It started to walk closer to the tree, looking up to see where I was.
And that is when it finally happened.
It bonked it's head on the tree.
I jumped down. The thing was laying there. It was dead. I picked up one of its feathers and shivered.
"Some bird."
I found this story that I wrote in a notebook. I think I wrote it fifth grade. Anyway, I made some changes and added some some to it but it is pretty much the same. The image is not mine. If anyone feels like drawing a chicken monkey, I would love to see it. What do you think one looks like?
rare2bme Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011  Professional Photographer
Very Cool
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This is PURE GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:woohoo:
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